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At EMS Brüel & Kjӕr we specialize in monitoring systems for assessing environmental impact in real time. A complete environmental monitoring solution requires several different tools – and we provide them all. We don’t just help you comply with environmental regulations; we provide data and insights that help optimise your entire operation. With our expertise on compliance and efficiency, you’re free to focus on what your company does best.

Our unattended equipment measures noise, vibrations, dust, and air quality. Our Sentinel monitoring solution enables you to assess your environmental impact from your office or your smartphone. Together, they provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for acoustics consultants, construction companies, urban event venues, and any business with environmental regulations.

Sentinel and Sentinel on Demand

Monitor noise, vibrations, dust, and air quality all in one place. Sentinel is a software-as-a-service solution that lets you monitor your operations remotely. You can assess your noise, vibration, and air quality levels to minimise the impact on the surrounding community, and also send reports proving your compliance at the click of a button. Sentinel also makes it easier to provide detailed information to stakeholders and the community, and address their concerns faster than ever before. Our Sentinel on Demand option is specially calibrated for short-term (1-3 months) projects. Fill in the form to request a quote for Sentinel today.

Noise Monitoring

Whether you need permanent monitors for a highway or short-term solutions for a construction site or a public event, we have the right equipment for your project. Our portable Noise Loggers are ideal for planning projects, sites where the location of the noise changes frequently, or investigating noise complaints. Our Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs), permanent and portable alike, assess real-time noise levels and let you record and store noise data online. All our equipment is unattended, and can be managed on remote from your PC or smartphone.

Continuous Air Quality Monitoring
VIbration monitoring terminal with cover and geophone

Vibration Monitoring

Projects in proximity to homes, offices, historically important structures, museums or hospitals will all require careful monitoring of vibrations. To ensure compliance with regulations and avoid complaints from the neighbours, our Vibration Monitoring Terminal (VMT) enables you to track and analyse your impact at all times. You can also receive alerts in time to avoid violating regulations, report and prove your compliance, and analyse the effectiveness of your vibration mitigation techniques. Because the VMT is unattended, you can do all this from your PC or smartphone.

Dust and Air Quality Monitoring

Monitor up to eight types of gas, odourous gas, and dust at one time. Equipped with Cairnet air quality stations from envea, Sentinel Air Quality is a portable, solar powered solution that lets you monitor all aspects of your air quality at a much lower price than other options. It also lets you set parameters for reports to be produced regularly for your records and stakeholder relations. When used with Sentinel, get alerts in real time and stop problems before they start. You can also adjust the set of pollutants to be monitored, so Sentinel Air Quality is easy to recalibrate for different jobs.

continuous air quality monitoring
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