Trade in your existing vibration monitoring unit for a new EMS VMT 3680 to receive a discount of $2000 plus GST (shipping not included). 

An optional 30-day free trial of our Sentinel on Demand service* is also available for eligible participants.  Be quick to take up this special opportunity! Limited time only. Conditions apply**  


Contact us now on +613 9508 4900 or sign up through our online form.
 For full offer Terms & Conditions, download the pdf.


The Vibration Monitoring Terminal (VMT) - How we can help  

Our VMT provides continuous uninterrupted measurement of real time vibration, logging data at 1 second intervals and creating periodic reports between 1 second and 60 minutes. Its regular data can demonstrate and empower regulatory compliance for your job site which ultimately will reduce project risk, maintain neighbour comfort and improve delivery of your project. The unit has optional blast component features which can be added at any time. For detailed product information on the VMT, download the Product Data Sheet.


What is Sentinel on Demand? 

Sentinel on Demand is an online subscription service that enables the remote monitoring of noise, vibration, dust and air quality to demonstrate environmental compliance, engage the community and optimise operations. 


Use as Standalone or with Sentinel on Demand 

Our VMT units can operate as standalone with remote access via wi-fi or 4G SIM card to setup, configure trigger level, alerts, event reports and download data. 


Alternatively, when used with Sentinel on Demand, the process is simplified, as all control of the VMT is done remotely including setup, display, operation and reporting. The unit can be set up with different alert trigger levels for different times of the day, helping you to resolve issues and reduce the risk of penalties or disgruntled communities. 

How our VMT and Sentinel on Demand solution can benefit you:    

  • Delivers peace of mind  
  • Provides a single, independent provider you can trust  
  • Data integrity with 24 x 7 monitoring  
  • Support multiple units  
  • Automatic compliance report  
  • Immediate data access  
  • True real time data  
  • Community engagement tool  



*Noise Sentinel is a registered TM of EMS Bruel & Kjaer globally 
**Unless participants cancel their Sentinel on Demand service, billing will commence after the 30 day free trial concludes. For full Terms and conditions, visit download the pdf 

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