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Sentinel Stakeholder Web brochure

Sentinel Stakeholder Web works with your Sentinel service to deliver a rich source of environmental information that engages the community, helps to set expectations, and shows that you are serious about managing your environmental impact – making you a responsible neighbour.

Mining Solutions

Environmental compliance is good for business. Monitoring noise, vibrations and air quality at your mine reduces complaints from the community and maintains your workers’ health. It also improves productivity and stakeholder relations.

Airports Community Engagement Solutions

Proactively and continuously addressing community concerns is critical to the growth of your airport. By engaging communities with transparent information about airport operations and environmental impacts you can build greater acceptance from stakeholders around the airport.

Sentinel for wind farms brochure

Optimize wind farm operations while enhancing community relations and limiting environmental impact.

Sentinel for waste management brochure

Assessing noise, dust and air quality levels is vital for waste management businesses to show regulatory compliance and improve community relations.

Sentinel for ports brochure

Port activities can generate noise and air quality concerns from both a health and nuisance perspective. Like all heavy industries, ports must prove environmental regulatory compliance in order to optimize operations.

Environmental Monitoring Unit brochure

The EMU is ideal for anyone who needs to continuously monitor multiple environmental parameters. Covering noise, weather, ground vibration and blast overpressure – all in the same unit.

Vibration Monitoring Terminal brochure

Know your impact to reduce the risk of structural damage, equipment failure and physical harm from excessive vibration.

Noise Logger brochure

Efficient noise logging you can trust during compliance investigations or planning new developments.

WebTrak MyNeighbourhood understanding airspace patterns brochure

Improve your airport’s community relations by increasing knowledge and setting expectations about airspace usage trends.

NoiseDesk monitoring impact to comply with regulations brochure

Monitor noise impact to comply with regulations.  Build community support and avoid operating constraints by showing you’re meeting your environmental obligations.

WebTrak community engagement brochure

Build community trust through transparent noise and flight track information.

Predictor-LimA noise mapping and calculation brochure

Powerful and intuitive noise calculation and mapping software for predicting and managing environmental noise.

NoiseOffice support services brochure

Outsource noise office services to maximize sustainable growth.

Flight3D improves community airspace knowledge brochure

Airports must proactively address community concerns relating to overflights and noise in order to nurture support for sustainable growth. Enable your community to easily access simple-to-understand 3-D images about aircraft paths to build knowledge and tolerance.

AirTrak carbon manager brochure

Assess greenhouse gas emissions to increase efficiency and support for operational growth.

Viewpoint large-volume complaints management brochure

Effortlessly manage large volumes of complaints while communicating the right insights to the community and decision makers.

Sentinel for oil and gas brochure

Environmental monitoring and management is vital to effectively plan and grow your oil and gas operations. Failure to maintain regulatory compliance or losing community acceptance can cost your project time and money.

Sentinel for consultants brochure

As a consultant, you often juggle multiple projects for multiple clients in multiple locations. Alleviate your project workload and go beyond remote access of data with Sentinel, our full-service solution that “partners” with you to help efficiently manage environmental monitoring projects.

Sentinel for mining brochure

Balance your operational and community impact with Sentinel, an unattended environmental monitoring and management service that helps mine operators maximize growth.

Sentinel for hospitals brochure

Maintaining high-quality patient care during hospital construction can be difficult. Sustain your facility’s customer approval rating by decreasing environmental disturbances affecting patient comfort and safety.

Sentinel for entertainment venues brochure

Let the show go on while mitigating noise impact on nearby residents. Festivals, live music venues and other events need to maintain a balance between business and the noise impacting neighbors.

Sentinel for councils and municipalities brochure

Maintain balance between business growth and community noise impact.  Sentinel helps municipalities effectively monitor their environment to identify compliance issues and improve community engagement.

Sentinel for construction sites brochure

Maximize construction operations while limiting environmental impact. If not managed properly, construction sites can trigger nuisance complaints. In extreme cases, regulatory authorities may be brought in to impose operating restrictions or halt construction – delaying progress and increasing costs.

Sentinel overview brochure

Sentinel provides long-term, unattended environmental monitoring and management to help you maximize business growth while minimizing community impact. The versatile, web-based subscription service is designed to deliver confidence and cost certainty relating to noise, vibration, dust and air quality compliance.

ANOMS – Managing noise to enable airport growth brochure

Airport expansion, airspace redesign, changing community sensitivities and operational inefficiencies are increasingly affecting an airport’s ability to grow.

ANOMS add-ons brochure

If you’ve seen one airport… you’ve seen one airport. Your noise program is as unique as your airport. We offer a range of products and services to individualize your ANOMS system.

Airports noise and flight track management solutions brochure

Noise concerns are often the biggest obstacle to an airport’s growth. Annoyance is about more than just noise exposure. Nurture your airport’s social licence to operate and grow with accurate, unimpeachable data that efficiently supports your noise action plan.

Airports noise monitoring and community engagement solutions brochure

We partner with airports to conceive, implement and evolve individual noise management programs. Our expert advice, innovative products and professional services are unrivalled in the industry. More than 250 airports worldwide use our proven solutions developed from 30 years of experience.

Automated Complaint Line airports brochure

With airspace changes increasing, noise complaints are on the rise. Handling the volume of complaints is rapidly becoming an unmanageable burden on noise office staff.

ATC Voice Recorder for airports brochure

Capture ATC instructions to enhance insight into deviations, and improve track-keeping statistics and noise abatement procedure compliance, with the ATC Voice Recorder.

Airport Noise Monitoring On Demand brochure

The relentless need for more airspace capacity and reduced airline costs is driving massive change in flight procedures. While noise models may indicate there’s no significant impact from changes, your community might perceive otherwise. ANMOD helps you perform airport noise monitoring when and where you need it.

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