Sentinel Water Quality Monitoring and Water Level Monitoring

Sentinel provides continuous, unattended water quality monitoring across the most commonly required water quality parameters, including Turbidity, Conductivity, Temperature, Total Suspended Solids (derived, not monitored directly), pH, Oxidation Reduction Potential and Dissolved Oxygen. Sentinel also supports water level monitoring.

Rather than manually taking water samples and sending them to a laboratory for testing, Sentinel remotely captures water quality data at regular intervals and makes that data available on an easy-to-use platform. Sentinel Water Quality Monitoring quickly and easily gives you access to water quality data so that you get earlier indications of potential issues and provide guidance to the lab around exactly what to test for, rather than testing for everything, every time.

Senitnel Water Quality and Water Level Montoring

Completely autonomous monitoring that improves your bottom line

Reduce labour costs and increase productivity by keeping staff focused on project delivery, rather than having them manually collect water samples on site.

The Sentinel Water Quality monitoring system takes care of this for you, with self-powered devices connected to a mobile network sending water quality data to the platform at regular intervals. Set alerts within the platform as parameters are nearing or exceed pre-determined thresholds, so you can take corrective action quickly or determine whether further lab testing is required.

Autonomous Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring and Metrics

Flexibility to monitor multiple parameters of your choosing, from one device

The Sentinel Water Quality monitoring system gives you the flexibility to choose four different sensors to measure per device. If you need to monitor more than four sensors at a location, a second device with splitter cable is all that’s needed.

Partnering with In-Situ for more accurate instruments that are easier to maintain

In-Situ is a leading global provider of accurate water quality monitoring devices:

  • In-Situ pH sensors only require calibrating once every three months (compared to monthly calibration required by competitor sensors) ​
  • Sensors for other parameters do not require any maintenance, but will be replaced every two years as part of your Sentinel subscription
  • Water level devices require minimal yearly maintenance and have an operating life of 10 years

In-Situ Instrumentation

Upstream and Downstream Monitoring

A single source of truth for environmental intelligence

Rather than dealing with the headache of interpreting fragmented datasets from multiple locations, Sentinel provides a centralised platform for managing all of your environmental monitoring requirements – noise, vibration, dust, air quality and water quality.

A single source of truth for environmental data simplifies your business by streamlining reporting processes, rationalising procurement, and ultimately reduces your costs.

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