Environmental Management and Optimizing Operations – Sentinel

Quickly respond to environmental impact concerns to avoid investigations and operational delays. Receive alerts and manage levels in real time to reduce exposure and maximize site activities.

Maximize operations

Sentinel and Sentinel On Demand enable you to use real-time data to know your environmental exposure. Use the information to plan site activity by:

  • Protecting against problems that may lead to operating constraints.
  • Exploiting data to avoid work stoppage or site closure.
  • Reviewing recent history and trends to identify what’s actually concerning the community. Focus on resolving these issues to maximize site productivity.
  • Identifying problems before the community is disturbed and complaints lead to costly investigations.
  • Reporting your environmental compliance to fulfill your business license obligations.
Noisy digger
Coal mine activity

Optimize site activity

  • See at a glance what your current environmental situation is.
  • Automatically receive noise threshold alerts on screen, via SMS or email.
  • Listen to noise exceedances and identify sound sources to accurately more convey your impact.
  • View current weather conditions to tailor operating activity.
  • Remotely access data for heightened efficiency and productivity.
  • Deliver more reproducible data for increased trust and credible information sharing.

Community concern

One of the largest obstacles to enjoying optimal operations is balancing community comfort with business activities.

Sentinel lets you plan for optimum business activity while avoiding environmental exceedances. By preventing incidents before they occur, you can reduce community annoyance and show environmental care.

Transparently share Sentinel’s data online. By giving the community direct access to visual information, you can align exposure perceptions and build tolerance for future operations.

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