Environmental Monitoring, Management and Prediction – Sentinel

Know your noise, vibration, dust and air quality impact to reduce your environmental exposure.  Monitoring, managing and predicting environmental levels is easy with our Sentinel and Sentinel On Demand environmental monitoring services.

Environmental monitoring

  • View real-time data to make better informed decisions
  • Identify noise sources to quickly act and minimize impact
  • Demonstrate transparency to improve community relations
  • Automatically check system health while you’re off site to improve your productivity and data reliability
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Environmental management

  • Record data 24/7 for accurate information about what’s actually happening
  • Receive alerts anytime, anywhere online for efficient data access
  • Isolate sources to identify events you are – or aren’t – responsible for
  • Detect trends to proactively address issues before they affect operations
  • Automatically report on your environmental compliance

Operational planning using prediction data

  • Incorporate Predictor-LimA software into the systems to predict sound levels and more effectively plan operations within environmental limits
  • Produce comprehensive noise maps for informed decision making
  • Incorporate weather monitoring to see when conditions require mitigating action, optimizing activity and reducing costs
  • Use predictive analytics to enhance operational planning
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