Environmental Management and Community Relations – Sentinel

Keep abreast of your community impact while maximizing operational capacity with Sentinel or Sentinel On Demand environmental management services.

Enriched community engagement

Effectively communicating with your community is critical. While the public may not always understand your site’s activities, they’re often aware of environmental changes due to your operations.

Demonstrate transparency and provide access to credible information with Sentinel or Sentinel On Demand. The services enable you to develop community trust and knowledge. This results in less annoyance and neighbors who allow you to more productively function.

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Improved fact-based engagement

Sentinel and Sentinel On Demand provide factual data. Their information can be used to inform the public about your actual environmental contributions.

By basing conversations on credible facts, the community is shown a true picture of what’s occurring. As a result, perceptions become aligned and community support of current and future business activities increases.

Decreased community annoyance

Both services provide the public with online access to real-time environmental information that builds understanding. Decrease annoyance by:

  • Addressing issues before the community is negatively impacted
  • Demonstrating data transparency to increase trust
  • Enabling replay of historical data to increase knowledge
  • Sharing easily understood data to improve engagement and reduce complaints that may lead to costly investigations
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Reduced community complaints

Lower your complaint numbers by avoiding excessive environmental levels and informing the community about actual impact. Sentinel and Sentinel On Demand decrease complaints by delivering:

  • Predictive warnings of potential exceedances so you can keep operations within guidelines
  • Automatic threshold alerts on screen, via SMS or email
  • Current weather conditions to tailor operating activity
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