Sentinel camera provides visual evidence of alerts

With Sentinel and an NMT, you can track and record alerts, and you have documentation in case of complaints. Now, with the Sentinel Camera, you can also see what was happening onsite at the time of an alert, complaint or any other event of interest.

Sentinel Cameras are supplied by AXIS, the market leader in network video.

Suitable for outdoor usage in a wide range of temperatures (-20 C to 50 C), they can be installed standalone or integrated with an NMT. Either way, they provide for further context and documentation of what caused an alert or complaint. So you can more easily identify and adjust any practices that are causing problematic noises or vibrations, and you’ll have additional proof when they’re caused by outside events.

Sentinel Camera

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Our integrated cameras provide a range of lenses and specialty equipment for non-standard requirements, which can be used with no further software development.

Sentinel Cameras can be configured to capture images at regular intervals and buffered on the camera’s internal storage for up to seven days.

When an alert is created in Sentinel, images from the time in question are transferred to Sentinel and stored as a time-lapse of the alert period to use in pinpointing the cause of the alert.

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