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Work more efficiently on a wide variety of environmental noise mapping projects with Predictor-LimA’s extraordinary calculation speed. Save time and reduce your investment in computing power with the versatile software.


The powerful software enables you to assess environmental noise for:

  • Prediction of future levels
  • Comparison of alternative noise reduction scenarios
  • Levels to be assessed even when contaminated by high background noise, such as an industrial plant in the vicinity of a busy road
  • Production of noise contour maps from one or more sources including roads, railways, industries, construction sites and airports.

Noise mapping vertical contours - Predictor-LimA

Noise mapping and modeling - Predictor-LimA

Environmental noise mapping, modeling, calculating and predicting

  • Improve urban noise mapping capabilities with rapid calculation speed and capacity
  • Unique macros support automation of geometrical processing to more easily and quickly make acoustic models
  • Efficiently predict and report on environmental noise pollution with powerful result analysis and what-if scenarios

Action planning and noise impact assessment

  • Quickly process massive volumes of survey data for a variety of purposes, including reporting
  • With all scenarios and action plans in one project, avoid time lost searching for correct files on the network
  • Fulfill legislative requirements including the European Environmental Noise Directive (2002/49/EC) and the IPPC Directive (2008/1/EC)
Noise mapping geographic reference - Predictor-LimA

Multi-user environments and educational purposes

  • Create and calculate acoustic models on multiple networked PCs (with only one user license)
  • Use the intuitive interface to efficiently handle projects of any size in many locations
  • Easy to learn for users with various skill levels

Use the playlist menu on the top right of the video viewer to select the tutorial you wish to view.

Key benefits

  • Straightforward GIS import and accurate 2D/3D modeling options. Deal with inconsistencies by ensuring reproducible results
  • Intuitive interface and well-organized project structure guides. Focus on your project, not your software.
  • Complex situations such as undulating terrain, fly-overs, bridges and indoor/outdoor calculations, and large projects with hundreds of thousands of objects, can be set up as easily as a simple noise map
  • Independently proven to have the fastest calculation cores for determining road and traffic noise
  • Use stand-alone or with other environmental management software such as Sentinel

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Predictor-LimA Technical Support

Predictor-LimA technical support

More Support Infomation

Noise mapping vertical contours - Predictor-LimA

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

As the leader of continuous environmental monitoring, EMS has a comprehensive set of solutions to help you manage environmental compliance, stakeholder engagement and optimization of your assets and projects. We are focused on providing up to date, accurate and high-quality data to assist your daily operations. With better quality data, you can increase productivity and reduce overall costs. EMS is the leader in environmental intelligence with:

  • Real-time, continuous monitoring
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Single source of truth. Noise monitoring, vibration nonitoring, dust, air quality monitoring and water quality monitoring, all on the one platform.

Learn more about our Environmental Monitoring Solutions.

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Predictor – Importing CAD and GIS Files

Predictor-LimA Ver2019 ISO 9613 calculations

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