Predictor-LimA Key Features

Time-saving features

  • Accurate and intuitive noise modelling for complex situations
  • Time-saving integrated bookkeeping for model data and results
  • Integration in environmental management, traffic management and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as a noise calculation core
  • Automated reverse engineering and instant noise maps using measurements
  • Automated workflows, including calculation, plots, etc.
Predictor-LimA noise mapping software
Predictor-LimA interface

Flexibility features

  • Multi-lingual software fulfils numerous national and international standards.
  • Open architecture is highly customizable.
  • Easily integrated with other tools – including third-party systems.

Support features

Make sure you have the latest and best supported tools with a maintenance and support contract. Contact us to learn how you can receive:

  • Free software updates every year
  • Priority assistance by e-mail, chat and screen share with our global experts and software developers for optimal support
  • Free participation in user days and webinars
  • Significant discounts on related courses

Technical support available

Noise mapping and modelling manager - Predictor-LimA
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