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Mitigate structural damage

Log ground vibration during construction and mining activities to avoid harming buildings and sensitive areas.

  • Automatically receive alerts to act quickly and avoid exceeding limit thresholds
  • Accurately report on your regulatory compliance
  • Show the community you care about their comfort and are meeting environmental standards

Vibration Monitoring Terminal

Assess human response from road and railway traffic

Reliably determine the impact of vibration levels on people near road and railway activity.

  • Identify how the public is affected by busy traffic corridors
  • Conduct background surveys prior to new construction
  • Effectively analyze and evaluate vibration mitigation techniques

Ensure sensitive equipment operates correctly

Monitor background vibration to ensure sensitive equipment and procedures are not disturbed.

  • Safeguard patient comfort at medical facilities
  • Ensure correct operation of semiconductor machinery
  • Reduce the risk of artifact damage at museums
Vibration monitoring for sensitive equipment
blast overpressure monitoring microphone vibration monitoring

Enable compliance of blasting activities

Outdoor microphone Blast Overpressure Microphone Type AU–8381, when connected to EMS Brüel & Kjær’s Vibration Monitoring Terminal Type 3680 (VMT), enables measurements of blast overpressure simultaneously with vibration to enable compliance monitoring of blasting activities around mines.

For mining staff and noise and vibration consultants measuring the impact of blasts around mines, the blast overpressure microphone, when used with the VMT, provides a durable and robust solution that, unlike many other industry-standard solutions, continues to meet the ISEE requirements even after being used for a long time in the field. In addition, the VMT with this microphone is a complete, robust and reliable blast monitoring solution that is easy to operate.

The combination fully meets the requirements of the International Society of Explosive Engineers, ISEE 2017 for ground vibration and blast overpressure monitoring.

Continuous vibration monitoring system

  • Metrics for a wide range of applications
  • Continuous, uninterrupted monitoring 24/7
  • Real-time vibration alerts based on level and time of day
  • A single three-axis geophone for full coverage of vibration levels
  • Built-in remote access to retrieve logged data online
  • Rugged, portable, self-contained unit including tri-axial real-time measurement, wireless communication, back-up battery and environmental protection
  • Power-lean instrument with in-built system health monitoring
  • Equipment operates stand-alone or with our Sentinel environmental management system

Why should you monitor your environmental exposure?

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