Accessories for Noise Monitoring Terminals

Our monitoring instruments come in a wide range of standard and custom configurations and with a wide range of accessories, peripherals and services.

Wide range of accessories

A wide range of peripherals covering communications, integrated weather monitoring, power, physical mounting and additional inputs such as cameras are available. Instrumentation supports LAN or Wi-Fi-based communication as standard. Additional peripherals for other LAN-based communication are available as standard, including 3G, 4G, ADSL, W-LAN and CDMA.

A weather terminal can be connected to the monitoring terminal, and its weather data integrated with the noise measurements.

Noise Monitoring Terminals can simultaneously monitor weather conditions from a connected weather station and store the data with noise information for communication to the central system.

Aircraft Noise monitoring terminal
Noise Logger outdoors and unattended

Power supply

Our instrumentation include an internal battery so it can function if mains power has been disrupted. Additional batteries can be mounted in the unit’s cabinet or in external battery casing.

Additionally, noise terminals can be powered from a variety of sources connected through the DC supply input. Solar panels can be added, which enables lower power use or even permanent 24/7 operation.

Additional batteries are used to provide sufficient backup for operation in overcast conditions, even during winter months.

Mounts and masts

Permanent Noise Monitoring Terminals come complete with a mounting kit for fastening the cabinet to a wall or pole using small, low-cost, standard-size water pipes to protect cabling.

For compliance with specific legislation, we can supply a range of alternative masts for permanent or temporary mounting of the cabinet and correct positioning of the microphone. These include ground-mounted, wall-mounted and telescopic masts.

noise monitoring terminal beside highway
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