Noise Barrier efficiency calculations now identify imperfect barriers

Predictor-LimA noise mapping software reduces time, error risk and complexity when modelling barrier performance.

May 2015 — Brüel & Kjær today announced its Predictor-LimA noise mapping and prediction software now automatically calculates noise barrier efficiency to identify inadequate barrier performance.

In addition, by modelling how well a noise barrier performs along the transmission loss spectrum, acoustic experts can more easily identify the most effective noise barrier for a specific location.

Prior to Predictor-LimA’s innovative approach, noise mapping and prediction software did not take into account sound leakage, which had to be modelled using secondary sources – adding complexity, plus time and risk of error into the calculation. Now, showing differences between the impact of different noise barriers is simplified.

With Predictor-Lima’s unique multi-model view, environmental noise contours can also be automatically compared for further enriched knowledge.

The software’s efficiency calculation is useful for a variety of noise barriers including those surrounding shale gas drilling compressor stations/pad sites, properties close to roads and outdoor amphitheatre projects.

“Efficiency calculations have always been critical to determine which walls and Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating is required. In an industry first, we’ve just made calculating noise barrier efficiency a whole lot easier,” said Predictor-LimA Product Manager Doug Manvell. “This new capability also provides a distinct advantage to experts seeking to demonstrate the need for a higher transmission loss barrier.”

More information about Predictor-LimA is available below.

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