Mining and Exploration

Mining noise monitoring, as well as monitoring other environmental factors, helps you optimize production and improve community relations while keeping within noise, vibration, dust and air quality limits.

 Maximize efficiency

Our mining noise monitoring systems enable you to continuously measure and access environmental data. Proactively gain knowledge about your noise, vibration, dust and air quality levels to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Cost-effectively obtain reliable, accurate noise, vibration and air quality data 24/7 from anywhere, any time
  • Use real-time and historical data to efficiently investigate incidents and identify sound sources
  • Quickly report your regulatory compliance to meet business obligations

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Optimize activity

Balancing maximum operations and community impact can be challenging when mining resources. Effective noise, vibration, dust and air quality monitoring can help you capitalize on business opportunities. Through mining noise and environment monitoring you can:

  • Understand your environmental profile to make better informed decisions and operate at optimal capacity
  • Use knowledge gained from data to proactively increase throughput and asset maximization
  • Rapidly apply countermeasures when issues arise to avoid operating restrictions and site shutdowns

Enrich community relations

Perception of exceeded environmental levels can lead to complaints and time-consuming investigations. Provide insightful information to your community to enrich engagement and reduce annoyance.

  • Gain community trust by transparently communicating credible information
  • Share data to quickly address concerns before operations are affected
  • Align community perceptions and expectations to increase your social license to operate

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