Noise Mapping, Modeling and Prediction

Our range of software solutions let you calculate and report sound levels for a variety of applications. The state-of-the-art products assess environmental noise to enable:

  • Prediction of future levels
  • Comparison of alternative noise reduction scenarios
  • Levels to be assessed even when contaminated by high background noise, such as an industrial plant in the vicinity of a busy road
  • Production of noise contour maps from one or more sources including roads, railways, industries, construction sites and airports.


A complete solution with powerful and intuitive environmental noise calculation and mapping capability.

Predictor-LimA is suitable for all environmental noise projects from industrial to cities and wind farms – this software helps consultants, industries and authorities around the world to predict future levels, compare different scenarios and create noise contour maps for different environments.

Key benefits:

  • Simple and intuitive GIS imports
  • Accurate 2D and 3D modelling
  • Ability to manage complex scenarios
  • Rapid calculations

Noise mapping and modeling - Predictor-LimA
Read more about our Predictor-LimA Noise Mapping and Noise Modeling software.

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Learn more about our noise mapping and modeling solutions

Acoustic Determinator

Easily perform sound power level measurements with Acoustic Determinator software. Find the sound power level of industrial sources by measuring sound pressure levels in the field.

For acoustic engineers, Acoustic Determinator guides users through the determination of sound power levels of various sources. Our prediction software helps simplify the task of handling large data sets of sound pressure measurements as well as associated information about measurement positions.

Key benefits:

  • Determine noise level measurements in accordance with international standards including ISO 8297 and ISO 3744.
  • Create acoustic spreadsheets quickly and easily
  • Export results into Predictor-LimA for faster and easier creation of a source’s acoustic data.
Read more about our Acoustic Determinator measurement software.

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