Ground Vibration Monitoring in Construction and Mining

Ground-borne vibration monitoring can help construction and mining companies reduce damage risks, comply with environmental regulations and limit community annoyance while operating efficiently.

Ground vibration monitoring

Reduce the risk of harming structures and sensitive areas with our Vibration Monitoring Terminal. Used either attended or unattended, the portable system provides in-depth understanding of construction and mining vibration levels to make better informed decisions.

The unit’s real-time alerts can automatically notify users about impending breaches to pre-set limits. Immediate countermeasures can be applied to avoid an exceedance and complaints from neighbors who would be affected by excessive vibration.

The equipment can be used stand-alone or as part of our Sentinel environmental management solution.

Tunnel under construction
Continuous vibration monitoring

Ground vibration compliance

Monitor ground vibration to know what’s actually happening at your construction or mining site. Avert investigations that may lead to costly operational delays and site shutdowns.

With continuous data from the instrument, you can efficiently:

  • Analyze and evaluate mitigation efforts to make better decisions and reduce future exceedances
  • Keep activities within guidelines and report compliance with ground vibration standards
  • More easily deal with damage claims
  • Finish construction or mining activities on time and on budget

Ground vibration community relations

Reliably monitoring excessive ground vibration enables you to more effectively communicate your environmental impact. When logging real-time levels, you can reduce exposure, address issues and avoid problems before they occur – resulting in fewer complaints.

Our ground vibration logger allows you to provide nearby communities with trusted information that helps align perceptions and set expectations. By reducing community annoyance, you can increase tolerance and grow your social license to operate.

People in the community

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