Environmental Monitoring Solutions

As the leader of continuous environmental monitoring, EMS has a comprehensive set of solutions to help organizations manage environmental compliance, stakeholder engagement and optimization of their assets and projects.

Our environmental monitoring systems and solutions are focused on providing up to date, accurate and high-quality data to assist your daily operations. With better quality data, you can increase productivity and reduce overall costs. EMS is the leader in environmental intelligence with:

  • Real-time, continuous monitoring
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Numerous environmental parameters, all in one platform.

environmental Monitoring Unit

Construction, Mining and Infrastructure Solutions

Reliably know your noise, vibration, dust, air quality and water quality impact to keep construction, infrastructure or mining projects on time and on budget. Our real-time, continuous environmental monitoring solutions can help immediately identify and address issues to stay within regulatory limits and reduce community disruption.

construction projects


Sentinel is a cloud-based platform that provides richer data and deeper insight into your environmental impact, to provide a comprehensive picture of local environmental conditions. Sentinel remotely captures data at regular intervals and makes it available on an easy-to-use platform. It provides long-term, unattended environmental monitoring to help you maximize productivity, while minimizing community impact.

Key features and benefits:

  • Real-time noise monitoring, vibration monitoring, dust, air and water quality monitoring on a single platform
  • Automatically report environmental compliance
  • Enhance regulatory compliance and community engagement
  • Alerts to avoid regulatory penalties and complaints.
Learn how Sentinel and Sentinel on Demand can help you manage environmental compliance.

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Construction, Mining and Airport Solutions

Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU)

The EMU Environmental Monitoring Unit, is the latest innovative solution from EMS Brüel & Kjaer. Combining continuous real-time noise, vibration, weather and blast overpressure monitoring in a single unit, this simple to use instrument will provide high quality data to meet compliance standards – across all industries. Built with the environment in mind, the EMU is the newest asset for world leading airports, mining and construction organisations, and government authorities.

Key benefits:

  • Continuous and remote monitoring
  • Captures multiple environmental measurements, including noise, vibration, weather and blast overpressure in a single unit
  • Complete with sensors, analyzer, storage, battery and cellular/Wi-Fi communication in a rugged water – and dustproof enclosure.
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environmental Monitoring Unit

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring and Dust Monitoring

Our continuous air quality monitoring system enables management of dust, gas and odorous gas alongside noise, vibration and weather, to give you a complete picture of the environmental impact of your operations. Continuously measure up to eight of the most common types of pollutants for a fraction of the cost of other monitoring solutions. With our subscription-based solution providing all environmental parameters in one place, you won’t need to learn numerous software packages.

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Sentinel Water Quality Monitoring and Water Level Monitoring

Sentinel provides  continuous,  unattended  water quality monitoring  across 6 of the most important water quality parameters, in addition to  remote  water  level monitoring. Our water quality monitoring systems  provide faster, easier access to water quality data, reducing your labour costs, improving productivity and enabling faster decision making.

Find out how Sentinel Water Quality Monitoring can drive productivity and improve delivery on your project​.

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Water Quality Monitoring and Water Level Monitoring

Airport Solutions

EMS provides a wide range of solutions for airports, that scale from environmental compliance to stakeholder engagement. Our solutions let you take control, optimize operations and engage better with various stakeholders such as surrounding communities, helping to both manage and reduce complaints.

Airport Noise Monitoring and Management (ANOMS)

As the world’s leading airport noise and operations management system, ANOMS helps in reducing operating costs, while improving noise office productivity. Efficiently monitor airport noise levels and flight tracks to maximize operations within environmental constraints. ANOMS simplifies the reporting of environmental compliance, helping to increase community tolerance and engagement for airport growth.

Key features and benefits:

  • Monitor real-time sound levels of all aircraft
  • Environmental and operations data from numerous sources
  • Advanced data mining
Learn more about our Aiport Noise Monitoring Systems (ANOMS)

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Airport Noise Monitoring and Management

WebTrak – Airport Community Engagement

Share noise and flight track data to improve airport community engagement and increase the public’s trust to build tolerance for airspace activity and grow your social license to operate. Avert airport noise complaints by enabling people to investigate noise disturbances in near real-time.

Learn more about airport community engagement with WebTrak

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More Airport Solutions

Airport Noise Monitoring On Demand (ANMOD) – Respond to Airport Noise Changes

With ANMOD (Airport Noise Monitoring On Demand) you can rapidly address airspace noise changes, at locations you’re not currently monitoring, to build community tolerance. Cost-effectively deliver publicly trusted information regarding local noise.

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NoiseDesk – Airport Noise Monitoring Simplified

Airport noise monitoring is simplified with our web-based system that delivers automatic compliance reports and enhances community relations with stress-free environmental monitoring. Easily get the airport noise and flight track data you need with NoiseDesk.

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AirTrak – Monitor Airport Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Airport greenhouse gas emissions can be automatically calculated to identify reduction opportunities. Ensure accurate reporting of your airport’s carbon footprint to demonstrate you care about the environment.

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Viewpoint – Airport Noise Complaints Management

Airport noise complaints management with Viewpoint saves time handling large volumes of airport noise complaints. Cost-effectively obtain a deeper understanding of complainants.

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