Technology Advances in Remote Noise Monitoring

Technology Advances in Remote Noise Monitoring

Long term monitoring of noise from airports, industrial facilities and construction projects has been well established over many years. The systems monitor noise levels at various points around the facility, feed the data back to a central system where data can be summarized and any breaches in compliance criteria are reported. These systems are passive by nature; they simply report what happened giving little opportunity to do anything to prevent breaches in the first place. Should breaches occur, attendance at the site is typically necessary to investigate before advice on mitigation can be given to prevent future breaches of compliance.

Technology advances in how data is captured, what data is captured and how it is accessed now means that in a large number of cases investigation can be achieved remotely without the need for site visits. This makes the process more efficient, lower cost, and much more immediate. Technology can now deliver results in real time that can help to prevent breaches occurring in the first place.

This paper outlines the technology advances and suggests how they will help to change the way noise consultants can deliver more monitoring services over a wider geographical area with fewer staff whilst simultaneously providing a better quality result

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