Sentinel – Noise and Vibration Monitoring Around Construction Sites

Sentinel - Noise and Vibration Monitoring Around Construction Sites

Construction is forecast to grow by 85% by 2030. Large infrastructure projects such as subways, sewers, roads and railways, driven by population growth and increased urbanisation, are often in close proximity to established residential communities. Such projects require sustained work lasting several years and can cause significant noise nuisance and risk structural damage, both leading to litigation. Both nuisance and damage have the potential to introduce project delays further prolonging impact and significantly increasing project cost for contractors.
To help mitigate these risks, contractors are increasingly turning to continuous noise and vibration monitoring to ensure that the impact from construction activity is kept within guidelines, claims of damage can be dealt with easily, communities are impacted less and projects finish on time.
This paper will look at how noise and vibration monitoring around construction sites is addressed around the world. Which legislation it falls under, what assessment methodology and parameters are used, and how measurement data is used, assessed, presented and reported. Examples from around the world are included. It highlights the impact of the above on system design. Keywords: Building vibration, Construction noise, Noise management I-INCE Classification of Subjects Number(s): 52, 71, 72, 80

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