Sentinel – Combining Noise and Weather Data in Real-Time Monitoring

Sentinel - Combining Noise and Weather Data in Real-Time Monitoring

Environmental noise management, with real-time data collection, processing and presentation, helps operators not only meet their noise limit obligations, but can also help avoid problems. For industrial applications such as construction sites, petrochemical plants, waste recycling plants, mines and ports, there are a wide variety of sources of specific sound, for which, to be separated from residual sound, needs more advanced analysis. Traditional noise event detection is often not suitable for the above applications where the sources have more variable noise signatures. A 2nd generation event technique, Noise Alerts, provides greater flexibility by processing and combining any real-time input data to alert staff and immediately provide additional data that enables troubleshooting and timely identification and resolution of issues.

Real-time monitoring of noise and weather, and correlating data from multiple locations is increasingly used to efficiently manage environmental noise compliance and impact.

This paper will describe Noise Alerts based on the combination of noise and weather and on the correlation of noise levels from multiple locations. It will describe some of the pre-requisites for robust and accurate alerting, and will provide examples of how this can help to efficiently manage environmental noise and thus help build community tolerance.

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