Blast overpressure monitoring takes the shock out of mining compliance reporting

blast overpressure monitoring microphone vibration monitoringExcessive blast overpressure from mining activity or demolition can cause damage to nearby structures as well as complaints from the community. As a result, blasting can only take place under specific weather conditions and is subject to compliance limits.

To help manage this, EMS Brüel & Kjær is pleased to announce the addition of a blast overpressure microphone to its Vibration Monitoring Terminal (VMT). The VMT is our innovative and versatile solution for monitoring ground vibration. Now with the microphone, it provides a complete blast monitoring solution.

The VMT fully meets the requirements of the International Society of Explosive Engineers, ISEE 2017 for ground vibration and blast overpressure monitoring. It can be used in either a permanent installation or as a portable solution. Units work standalone or as part of a multi-location noise and vibration monitoring network with EMS’ Sentinel compliance service.

Using the VMT and blast overpressure microphone gives mine staff and noise and vibration consultants a full record of compliance to optimize operations and to use when responding to complaints.

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