ANOMS ANEEM (Aircraft Noise Event Extraction Methodology)

ANEEM*, EMS Bruel & Kjaer’s Aircraft Noise Event Extraction Methodology, is a better way to measure, assess and separate aircraft noise from background and community noise levels. As an addition to the ANOMS solution and existing airport noise monitoring systems, it is especially suited in locations that have multiple and varying noise sources such as construction, industrial and changed traffic conditions.

ANOMS ANEEM Airport Noise Monitoring

Superior Aircraft Noise Determination​

ANEEM delivers more accurate noise determination and a defensible assessment of community exposure to aircraft noise. With ANEEM, you have improved isolation of aircraft noise from irregular community noise levels so that you can measure contribution to noise in the community with more accuracy.
It’s suitable:

  • At locations away from flight paths​
  • At locations further out from the airfield, where aircraft are at higher altitudes​
  • Where there is a highly variable background noise contaminating the aircraft noise.​



Strengthen community trust with accurate data

Communities are becoming progressively exposed to more noise, whether they’re within proximity to an airport or not. In general, there’s an increase in the amount of background noise sources such as construction, machinery and transportation. However, when communities believe they are exposed to significant noise changes, they often perceive the increase to be associated with aircraft and the immediate airport.

The problem is most apparent when communities perceive one thing and the airport is reporting something that conflicts with it. This will happen if they are not adequately identifying what is aircraft noise and what is background noise and is compounded as airports monitor further out form the airfield (where aircraft are quieter) or in urban areas where there’s lots of other noise (background levels are high).

ANEEM provides the data that airports need to more accurately measure their noise contribution. The sophisticated algorithm can identify aircraft noise so that airports measure their noise contribution to the soundscape with greater accuracy.

Higher Quality Data

ANEEM provides higher quality data for environmental noise reporting compared to traditional noise threshold-based methods. EMS Bruel & Kjaer’s solution determines whether an aircraft is the dominant source or a contributing source of a noise event, or whether the event is dominated by other noise sources.

With plausibility checking, monitors can be successfully deployed in areas with varying background noise, or areas where aircraft noise is close to background levels.



Reliable noise event extraction – made easy

Shown to be as accurate as the human ear in identifying aircraft noise, ANEEM is a fully adaptive process that removes the need to continually evaluate noise monitor performance and reconfigure instrument settings. It minimizes the need to check aircraft events for highly contaminated events.

Portable noise monitor deployment no longer risks lost periods of noise monitoring while the thresholds are being established. By eliminating the need to manually set threshold settings in response to the changing community noise levels, airport staff can achieve a better result and focus their time on other high value activities.

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*ANEEM is available on ANOMS 9.4 or later systems. Sites must be hosted or allow for direct permanent access to our cloud-based resources. ANEEM is only supported by EMS noise monitoring terminals.​

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