Sound Power Level Measurement Software – Acoustic Determinator

Sound power level measurement is easily performed by Acoustic Determinator Software, which finds the sound power level of industrial sources by measuring sound pressure levels in the field.

Acoustic Determinator Overview

Using data from field measurements, Acoustic Determinator guides users through the determination of sound power levels of various sources. It meets numerous national and international standards including ISO 8297 and ISO 3744.

Sound Power Level Measurement Uses

  • Determination of LW data for use in environmental noise calculation software
  • Post-processing of sound level data through averaging, addition (energy-based and arithmetic) and subtraction (energy-based and arithmetic)

When working with prediction software programs to calculate noise contributions for single receiving points or whole areas, sound power data for each relevant noise source is required.

Acoustic Determinator simplifies the overwhelming task of handling large amounts of spectral sound pressure measurements, as well as the associated information about a measurement.

Acoustic Determinator Capabilities

  • Determination of LW from LP and background noise level measurements in accordance with the international standards ISO 3744, ISO 3746, and ISO 8297 – as recommended by the European Commission for noise mapping
  • Creation of acoustic spreadsheets to perform functions on data such as level addition and subtraction
  • Export of results into Predictor-LimA Type 7810 for faster and easier creation of a source’s acoustic data
  • Import of relevant data from sound level meters, including Brüel & Kjær’s Type 2250
  • Import and export of data to and from spreadsheets (e.g., Microsoft® Excel)

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